Liz Hum

Student @ UMCP

Joined: September, 2003
Position: Drum, Gong, Cymbal, Lion Head, Buddha

"Hewwo, I'm Liz, currently a student at UMCP, doubling psych and elementary ed. I joined lion dance back in 2003 before we started performing gigs (before we were even East Rising!) and its been a blast. From S.H.*T (stupid human tricks) to "skeeeetchy" performances (and practices), lion dance is a new and fun experience every time! I've been an all-around experimenter, playing all instruments, and even got to perform as lion head and Big Head too. I guess I'm primarily the "drummer girl" but I like the variety. It's fun learning all aspects of the art. I also help teach instruments and (sort of) lion dance at Li-Ming Chinese Academy as Mokyi's TA.

Lion dance started to be just a hobby, and now that we're getting to be so popular, the most important thing to keep in mind is our original mentality and goal of just learning about our own culture and having FUN!

We've expanded this year to include a JV team, which is made up of a whole bunch of middle/high school munchkins. They're a lot of fun, and I'm really proud of how spirited and eager they are to lion dance! Reminds me of us a few years ago when we first started out. As for the future of our team, hopefully we can continue on this legacy of unique (and sketchy) lion dancing and keep in mind that we are out to have FUN!"