Links to Friends

Below are some troupes that we have befriended over the years. They are all great troupes and have all helped us get where we are today in many ways.


Washington Chinese Youth Club

One of the oldest club around the area - 50 years! Also one of the first troupes to offer unconditional support for our troupe. Their big heart and the willingness to share has forever been an inspiration as well as a goal for us all! CYC sponsors other activies such as volley ball, basket ball for local children and young adults.

Cherng Loong

Cherng Loong Lion Dance Troupe

Cherng Loong was one of the first troupes that reached out and contacted us online. We talked about lion dancing and were always in awe by the stuff they do. A very active troupe with talented members. Cherng Loong placed 3rd in the 2005 National Freestyle Lion Dance Competition held in SF.

Far East Dragon

Far East Dragon Lion Dance Association

Talk about a big (huge!) and fun troupe! Located in San Jose, Far East Dragon is also a non-profit lion dance troupe. Just based on the pictures and videos, you can tell they are a tightly bonded troupe that enjoy what they do best - Lion Dancing!

Vo Dang Ly Gia Quyen

Rising Phoenix Lion Dance Association

Located in San Jose, Rising Phoenix started around the same time we did (2003), following a pretty similar path started out with 9 members and now it is a 25+ people troupe! This is another troupe with the genuine interest in lion dancing that started out from scratch!

Vo Dang Ly Gia Quyen

Vo Dang Ly Gia Quyen

Vo Dang Ly Gia Quyen started in 2004 and it is a part of a Vietnamese Kung Fu School located in Connecticut. The group has a group of great young martial artists forming the foundation of this lion dance team!

Gund Kwok Asian Women's Lion Dance Troupe

Gund Kwok Asian Women's Lion Dance Troupe

The only Asian Women's Lion Dance Troupe in New England, or possibly the United States! Gund Kwok's goal is to empower Asian women to break through traditional stereotypes and limited roles, as well as to support community projects that shares the same vision. Talk about a worthy cause!

Doan Lan Tien Rong

Doan Lan Tien Rong

Originally practiced the Fut-San style of lion dancing, this Houston group got interested in the Hok-San style and formed the team. Another team that appeared to have started "from scratch," be sure to check them out!


Brandeis Lion Dance Troupe

Joanne's old lion dance troupe at Brandeis! Host of the Intercollegiate Liondance Showcase where college troupes gather together once a year to make new friends and share their lion dancing passion.

Leung's White Crane

Leung's White Crane

Based in San Francisco, Leung's White Crane is one of the US top teams. They attended international lion dance competitions and have represented the United States in the global theater. We also purchased both our lions and our instrument set from them.

Lion Dance Equipments

Here are links to some of the more popular online lion dance equipment stores. We do not have experience with all of them, but we will definitely write down what personal experience we had as well as what we heard.

Emp Lion

Emp Lion

We have ordered from Emp Lion on multiple occassions and we are completely satisfied with the quality of work, the price, as well as the speed of delivery. Definitely our vendor of choice. Unrivaled customer service as well as willingness to give advice!

Global Lion

If our troupe had went with the Fut San style lion dancing, we would most likely have ordered everything from that is located in New York City. Great service, wide selection of products, constantly updated web site. We ordered a Buddha set from them and it arrived the next day! They are now beginning to carry traditional Hok San lion heads. Highly recommanded.

Wang Seng Hang

Wang Seng Hang (WSH)

Master Siow's lions (both team and actual equipments) are considered to be the Holy Grail of Hok San Lion Dancing (yes, that's him in the picture). We don't own any of their equipments, but we have heard only good things about their lion heads. Please check out their site and look at the paint job... some of them are pretty ridiculous!

Other Lion Dance Related Sites

Here are some informational sites, forums or other online resources that is worth a visit!

Originally created as a general forum to talk about any thing, it is rapidly becoming an online gathering spot for Lion Dancers (while the rest of the forum dies down -sigh-). Swing by and share your experience with the rest of us!