Andy K. Yu

Programmer Analyst @ Social Security Administration (SSA)

Joined: September 2006
Position: Lion Tail, Gong, Flag Bearer

"I never would have imagined being part of a diverse and "knowing-how-to-have-fun" lion dance troupe as East Rising (ER). I got involved in our troupe through meeting our troupe leader Mokyi through my sister Nancy, who has been an active troupe member playing the role of lion head and now cymbal.

Through this troupe, I am able to meet new friends, learn more about the tradition of lion dance, work out and condition my body, learn what teamwork is all about, and engage myself in other extracurricular activities with troupe members besides lion dance such as volleyball, BBQs, swimming, and dragon boat racing among others.

This lion dance troupe deserves my highest respect for the many milestones it has overcome. The development and accomplishments of East Rising can all be put into one statement "From nothing to something".

It's absolutely awesome to be a member of a troupe with a fun attitude and winning culture in mind. ER lions ROAR!!!!"